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Check out the latest in paid blogging at; the site where bloggers get to comment and review the opportunities available. Blogger can even use the site to exchange post with other bloggers. They can also create opportunities for others to take.

The site is very nicely layout with beautiful icons and colours. The logo is pretty interesting as it resembles a cartoon character smiling at you warmly. The opportunities available are plentiful and one look you'll be able to tell if you qualify for the opportunities. However, due to the large amount of bloggers doing the opportunities, you'll have to wait quite a while before you are given a chance to do the opportunities.

The ability for blogger to vote for the opportunities or other bloggers add to the fun as you'll be able to see what are popular and who are popular. I see quite a lot of potential for SocialSpark as the members are increasing exponentially and they are actively commenting on the various opportunities.

As membership increases, publishers are more inclined to publish on the site and thus, leading to a very good self-fulfilling prophecy.

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