This blog has reached 200 Posts!!

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Wow ... this blog has successfully posted 200 posts!! I have no idea how i did it but i manage to write 200 posts. I have no idea i can write so much.. but still, i did it! .. Hurray!! Time for celebrations!!! Cheers!!

Bring out the beers!!!

Actually, writing a post is very easy, you just think of what you have done for the day and write about it. You can even write about writing nothing at all.. :) I find it pretty amazing..

For example, now i am writing because this blog has reached 200 posts. I can even write and brag about reaching every 50 additional post. But i guess that is a bit too much and irriating.. :) So 100 posts is a good figure to brag about :P

The real target i am actually looking at is 1000 posts. After that, 10,000 post.... maybe .. it will even reach 1 Million Post. Haha .. i have started to day dream.

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