What makes a great leader?

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John Maxwell defines leadership as the amount of influence; nothing more nothing less. I really believe in this view. If you are a great leader, your sphere of influence will be very huge and will encompass a lot of people whether you know them or not. Thus, in order to become a great leader, one needs to know how to influence.

There are several ways to start influencing people but let me share with you how you can influence people by being sincere and genuinely concern with the personal development and growth of all the people around you. When they realize that you truly care and will contribute to their success, they will be willing to do anything for you, knowing deep in their heart that whatever you tasked them to do is going to help them in one way or another. Continue doing that for everyone around you and soon, through the grapevine, words will go around that you care for people, you development people, and other people will start to want to work for you. That's when your influence has reached a new level.

Just think about the great leaders you look up to and you'll realize that you'll do anything for them because you just want to and getting acquainted with them is like being in the limelight itself.

Therefore, start thinking about the personal development and growth of all the people around you and you would have made the first step toward being a great leader.

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