Time passes quickly

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Before i even knew it, two weeks have passed since my last post. Time really flies. I totally have no idea how long it was between my post as i been pretty busy lately.

Time is never enough and it's always very difficult to fully utilize your time. No one can work 24hours a day. Different people have different rest norm and different hours of slp required. I personally requires 8hrs of slp in order to feel energetic.

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The latest in affiliate marketing is here!

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Pepperjam network is the latest innovation in affiliate marketing. It is next generation stuff available now. By promoting stuff for other company, you'll get a cut of the profits and once you get more affiliate, you'll be able to generate a recurrent income. I think it's a pretty good concept with a sleek and user friendly interface. The response you get from the admin is also very fast.

With the new introduction of PJN Publisher Referral Program, i think the membership rate of PJN will increase exponentially as more and more people get to know about PJN from blog posts and advertisements. The new offering and ways to generate more cash is really attractive.

1) You'll be getting $7 for every PJN publisher that's referred by you.

2) To help you get more referrals, PJN is going to give new publishers, $10 in their account. This is really a great way to start getting your friends and colleagues into this program.

3) Lastly, be writing a blog post, i will be getting $10 credited into my account. PJN really values bloggers as they feel that bloggers is their lifeline as really most of their members are bloggers looking to earning extra cash by affiliate marketing.

Now that you know more about pepper jam network, it's time for me to share some of my thoughts about this program. I don't really remember how i get to know about PJN but since then, there have been no regrets knowing more about an excellent program. I feel that the website interface is really easy to navigate and you can easily do what's required with a minimal clicks. Given the right conditions such as active members with quality posts, i believe PJN can being a brand known to many just like google.

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Make $$ online? Myth or Fact?

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Can you really make $$ on the internet? If yes, how can you do it? If not, why not?

Actually if you just want to make a little bit of money, you can easily do it on the internet by writing articles for all the different articles website on the internet. You'll just have to google for it and you'll be able to find them. One of them is www.helium.com where you'll get paid based on the number of readers interested in your article. Thus, the better you write, the more readers you get and the more $$ you'll be paid. However, you'll need to earn a minimum of $25 before you can cash out the money. Unless your articles are getting a lot of traffic, it'll take you quite a while to earn $25.

The next better way to earn $$ is to sign up for paid to blog site which pays you for writing about some services and products as a blog entry in your blog. You can get paid for $5 to $20 for each post and it's pretty good money for 100 - 200 words entries which will take you about 10 to 15 mins to write. One of them is www.payperpost.com which offers one of the best way to get paid for blogging. However, you'll need a high PR in order to do higher paying job and the worst thing is that google doesn't like paid blogging very well and once your site is recognized as paid blogging site, your PR will be gone. Once your post is approved, you'll get paid in a months time. So basically, if you manage to do 2 posts a day, which is the limit given by payperpost, at $5 per post, you will be earning $300 every month. This is a good sum of money. However, the catch is that you may not be able to get an opportunity to write due to minimum PR and geographical requirements.

The even better way to earn money is to set up a membersip website. It's going to be a very tough job recruiting members initially but once you have enough members, you will be able to charge a monthly fee for premium services and from that, you'll be able to generate passive income. The initial startup will be very difficult but once you have establish a foothold, you'll be able to garner support and exponential membership growth if you include affiliate sales in your website. The member get member method will work in your favour and ensure that you get your monthly paycheck without you working 24/7.

The ultimatum is to create something new and hope the whole world likes it, like facebook. The founder of the site is worth billions of dollars just because his idea manage to garner the attention of the whole world and get them all addicted to the poking and throwing of sheeps at their friends.

There are many other method to make money on the internet and i will post about it in the near future. Do stay tuned for more ways to make $$ online.

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