Affiliate Marketing.

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This is an example of an affiliate link from pepperjam network. Pepperjam network is one of the largest affiliate marketing site in the US, it's really amazing how affiliate marketing is taking off like a rocket into outerspace. The growth is exponential and the income generated is amazing. However, the major problem is getting people to buy from you. There's so many people selling the same products and thus, why should people buy from you instead of the rest?

You must STAND OUT from the rest of the crowd. You must be able to attract a lot of traffic into your site. Only then will people buy from you. It's not easy to build trust with your visiter and it's even tougher to retain the visitors. You really need to learn from the best. Look at and both are reeling in big bucks every month, month after month. I wonder when my site can become 1/2 or even just 1/3 of them.

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