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There's a new site called which allows users to share their favorite stuff and connect to other people who share the same interests and own the same stuff. It's a pretty good idea as from the network, you'll be able to get a good idea of the product you are thinking of getting. Here's you get to read 1st hand how the stuff is working and if it's worth the money. You can also know what is the right value to buy the stuff at as the selling price are entered by other users.

I have shared my W950I phone on the site and i hope i'll be getting to know more people who are using this phone as well. It would be great to interact with them and share with them all the resources i found for the phone.

Although the site is still very new, i believe its prospect is very high and once the user base exceeds 100k, it's would become a very good review site.

The site name is acobay and do sign up for a free account. There's no need for an email address.

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