Economic Recession

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Is the world going into the Economic Recession? Many of us believe and what should we do now in this downturn? In this period, CASH is KING! If you have the cash, you can buy many things at discounted prices, strong and good companies' stock are going at less than half the price, what a bargain?

I believe in making your money work for you instead of working for your money. Thus, if you have the CASH, be a KING and start buying all the stocks of the companies with strong fundamentals. In the long run, these companies' stock will appreciate highly in value and your cash will be double or maybe tripled. :)

What better way to earn money then to invest in stock? Although the bottom may not be reached yet. Nobody know when the market will crash again. But i do know that the market will definitely recover. If you have the spare cash now, dump it into the good companies and watch it grow as the economy recovers.

The economic cycle is always cycling. Whatever goes up, must come down and when down enough, it will go back up. It just keep going and going and going endlessly. Thus, when the market is down, stock up on your investments and when the market is booming, run with all the profits and keep it in a safe place.

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