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Ever wonder where your site visitors are coming from and what latitude and longtiude they are living in? Want to convert a string of numbers in the IP address into a country? If you are using a proxy server, you can also find out the location of your proxy server as a proxy list is used by IP2 to tell you where your server is located.

You will be able to get all these services from IP2Location.com and you can check here for more information.

You should check out to see if you are behind a normal proxy or an Anonymous Proxy. This way, you'll be able to check that your traces on the internet are not compromised.

The site is pretty packed with lots of data and information and if there's what you are looking for, it'll be great for you.

On top of the free proxy detection tool, IP@Location is also offering free IP checking tool for you to include on your website. Using the tool, your visitor will be able to check the geographical location of any IP addresses.

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