Technical vs Fundamental vs Hybrid??

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Every technical analyst will tell you that the charts are always correct! Every fundamental analyst will tell you that the balance sheet and accounts of a company is very important. Those hybrid models will tell you that you'll need both in order to win. You should look at the fundamentals to determine the companies to be in your watchlist and then use technical analysis to determine the right price to buy the stocks.

So, which should you use? When should you use it? How should you use it?

This first of a series of article aims to help you find the right method for yourself. Basically all methods works and you will need to find the one that best match your character and investment style.

Technical analysis is for people for like to look at charts, graphs, etc. These person are visual person and will be able to better understand a complex idea by visualizing what it would like look. These people will like to draw in order to communicate his ideas to another person. These people will also like others to show them by drawing a picture or graph. These people are best suited for technical analysis. You can't just speak to a visual person and expect him to understand you.

To be continued...

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