Technical vs Fundamental vs Hybrid??

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In part 1, we talked about technical analysis and in this part, we'll talk about fundamental analysis and who will be better at fundamental analysis.

Fundamental analysis is for people who like to look at a lot of numbers, they are good with numbers and can usually calculate very fast. Throw any maths problem at them and they'll solve it in no time. These people are thus most suited to analysis the balance sheet, cash flow statement, and all the other financial reports. There people also needs to be very meticulous in order to spot any anormalies.

Thus, you'll need to look at yourself, understand your way of thinking and from there, choose the right way to invest. I am a firm believer of "strengthing the strength" and "hiring/outsourcing/hiding the weakness". In order to excel and succeed, you'll need to be the best, not the second best. Who remembers the second person on lands on the moon? But we all remember neil armstrong was the first man to land on the moon.

Therefore, make the right choice and choose the investment method that's most suit your character. In the last part, we'll talk about the hybrid model.

To be continued

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