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The videos above demonstrate the capabilities of Dragon Naturally Speaking. I find that the software is amazing and the speech to text conversion are so natural that you would think a human actually typed the speech. It's amazing how they do it. I like the one that talks about making use of Dragon Naturally Speaking for blogging. I like the idea of just talking and like magic, the words will just appear on the screen without your lifting a finger. The software is quite accurate after some training and i am amazed at the speed which it does the conversion. Instead of having to speak slowly like a granny, you can speak normally and your speech will still be accurately converted to text. Amazing isn't it? So where do you think this software will stand in my top 10 items to improve my blogging experience??

Top 10 List of Items to improve this blog.

1. Dreamweaver & PhotoShop - I would want to learn how to do a custom design for this site instead of using other freely available template. This will ensure my blog has a one and only look instead of looking exactly the same as dozen other blog. After i master the technique, i would want to give away templates for subscriber to my blog.

2. Playstation Portable - I would definitely want one. Just to have fun and relax so that i'll have plenty of ideas to blog about. It's really hard to write when you are all stressed up and have no mood to generate ideas. A PSP will definitely make me relax and come up with more ideas for this blog.

3. Widget Design - There's are many widgets available on the internet, entrecard, wizwo, feedjit, etc. I would definitely want to make my own widget and make it available to the rest of the world. I don't really have an idea of what widget to create and thus, item 2 would help. =)

4. Dragon Naturally Speaking - Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Basic with Discount Coupon Code I would want this software to help my in my blogging, with this software, i would not have to keep typing. I just have to say it and the words will magically appear. Love it! $25 Coupon Code DNSMSBG -Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Standard

5. A new logo - Branding is very important. I would want to design a logo for this blog as this will make my blog easier to remember and when people like at my logo they will be reminded of my blog.

6. More subscribers - Who won't want more subscribers?

7. Feedback - I really need feedback from my readers and subscribers to tell me what they like or don't like about my blog. I want to keep them coming back for more which is quite difficult for me to achieve.

8. Wordpress - This blog is currently hosted in and the functions available are pretty limited. I would want to use wordpress and make use of the many plugin to make my blog more versatile. However, with the use of wordpress, the content from this blog would be lost. Not very sure if i should do it though.

9. Facebook - I would want a way to put this blog of facebook, it's the craze nowadays and being able to somehow put this blog in facebook would definitely bring more traffic here.

10. LinkBacks - I would love linkbacks to this page. This would increase my PR ranking. PR ranking would then increase the $$ of this blog. Hopefully i will be able to get more linkbacks.

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Anonymous - February 3, 2010 at 10:12 PM

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